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Fast Facts For Main Characters

Paige Marie Marchand

Born: June 2nd in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

- Medical Conditions: severely allergic to the bites of stinging insects.
- Favourite Food: pizza & battered sausages
- Least Favourite Food: liver
- Favourite Activities: reading, drawing, doing crafts, karate, horseback riding, & cross country skiing
- Least Favourite Activities: acting & modelling
- Favourite Subjects: art & history
- Least Favourite Subject: algebra
- Strengths: self-assured, practical, & very much into 'Girl Power'
- Weaknesses: quick-tempered & opinionated
- Best Friend: Cora Weston
- Pets: 1 grey rabbit (Elmer) & 1 white Persian cat (Pearl)
- Career Goal: graphic artist

Dane Alan Marchand

Born: June 18th in Kelowna, B.C., Canada

- Medical Conditions: near-sighted, allergic to pollen, dust, and mould, also allergic to numerous foods and food additives, severely allergic to shellfish, mushrooms, strawberries, tomatoes, and nuts
- Favourite Food: liver, broccoli, & battered sausages.
- Least Favourite Food: raspberries
- Favourite Activities: reading, acting, karate, horseback riding, bike riding, running, swimming, & snowboarding
- Least Favourite Activities: waiting
- Favourite Subjects: history & science
- Least Favourite Subject: art
- Strengths: loyal, generous, & kind-hearted
- Weaknesses: a bit impulsive
- Best Friend: Brendan Malone
- Pets: 1 Havanese dog (Cupcake) & 1 tabby cat (Abraham)
- Career Goal: naturalist

Jonathan Nicholas Rhodes Taisley

Born: December 31st in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England

- Medical Conditions: motion sickness, severe ear pain onaeroplanes.
- Favourite Food: cakes, chocolate, & basically anything sweet
- Least Favourite Food: yoghurt
- Favourite Activities: reading, chess, card games, horseback riding, & coin collecting
- Least Favourite Activities: playing sports & getting up early
- Favourite Subjects: history & English composition
- Least Favourite Subject: P.E.
- Strengths: highly intelligent, charming, & very imaginative
- Weaknesses: not always practical or entirely truthful
- Best Friend: Ravi Bindal
- Pets: 1 black & white cat (Socrates) & 1 ginger pony (Butterscotch)
- Career Goal: historian

Renee Duke: Side Trip Characters

Andromeda Anne Brent

Born: August 12th, 2174 Planet Earth

Meda is resigned to the fact that her parents are too committed to furthering their careers with the Association of United Planets to pay much attention to her. Though fond of her younger sister and brother, she feels closer to her friends than her family, and relies on them for support. She is of a practical nature, and finds Kirsty's more exuberant personality both stimulating and exhausting. She has lots of determination and spirit and is fiercely loyal to the people she cares about.

Krista Jeanette MacGregor

Born: July 25th, 2174 Planet Earth

Kirsty is a hot-tempered girl with a knack for getting herself and her friends into trouble. So much so that Meda sometimes refers to her as 'the Curse'. She has a wide variety of interests and pursues all her hobbies with alarming enthusiasm. Her parents take an interest in her when they are home, but, like Meda, she is in the habit of going her own way. She has an outgoing personality and is optimistic about life.

Jipthidovrillavorimvaisse Vor-Zoag

Born: 2174 Planet Vorla

Despite the dazed appearance characteristic of her people, Jip is a girl of considerable intelligence and integrity. Trusting and tolerant, she enjoys a warm, caring relationship with her family. Being a Vorlan, she finds verbal communication with non-Vorlans heavy going, but is able to converse with them telepathically once she establishes a rapport. Jip has the ability to travel through dimensions, but has yet to learn all the techniques involved. Her mental disciplines can falter when she is nervous or upset.

Simon Lyall Brent

Born: October 31st 2179 Planet Earth

Meda's younger brother is an adventurous boy with a low regard for authority. What Simon wants to do, Simon does. He is extremely clever and enjoys outwitting anyone who tries to interfere with him. Even picking pockets and breaking into buildings are, to him, just amusing pastimes. He is not quite the arrogant little anarchist he appears, however. In times of trouble, he will turn to his oldest sister, the one person he has always been able to count on.

Taziol Beom-Cholaran

Born: 2162 Planet Cholar

Heir to the throne of the independent planet of Cholar. Taz is a dynamic young man with a keen sense of humour. Trained to his position since early childhood, he is deeply committed to his people, and wary of the influence the Association of United Planets (AUP) might have on Cholar's traditional values. Families are important to Cholarians, and Taz's own family loyalties are very strong. His tendency to think of the girls as endearing little children annoys them intensely.

Zarden Drazok

Born: 2125 Planet Cholar

The high-ranking Cholarian official, Drazok, seeks to place Taz's more malleable cousin Mardis on the throne. His desire for power comes ahead of the material wealth he has been offered by AUP officials eager for his support and he is prepared to eliminate anyone who gets in the way of his plans.

Renee Duke: Historical Characters

Edward Plantagenet

Edward Plantagenet was born on November 2, 1470 in Westminster Sanctuary, England, while his father, King Edward IV, was in exile. He was created Prince of Wales on June 26, 1471, and also held such titles as Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Chester.

A scholarly boy, he had his own Household in Ludlow from the time he was three, living under the governorship of his uncle, Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers. He became King of England on April 9, 1483. He left Ludlow for London on April 24, but was intercepted by two other uncles, Richard, Duke of Gloucester and Henry, Duke of Buckingham. He entered London on May 4, and was lodged in the Tower of London to await his coronation.

On June 25, 1483, he was declared illegitimate and deposed. He was seen playing in the Tower gardens until the autumn of 1483, but by September 1485, he had vanished, his fate unknown.

In 1674, his possible remains were found buried under some stairs in the Tower of London's White Tower, but forensic studies carried out in 1933 failed to provide positive identification.

Richard, Duke of York

Richard Plantagenet was born in Shrewsbury, England on August 17, 1473 . He was created Duke of York on May 28, 1474 and later invested with other titles and offices, such as Earl of Nottingham, Knight of the Garter and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. On January 15, 1478, he married five-year-old Anne Mowbray. Widowed three years later, he still retained the title Duke of Norfolk, and the lands this marriage brought him.

Described as a merry, high-spirited child, he was fond of music and dancing.

Upon the death of his father, he and his mother and sisters went into Sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. Taken out of Sanctuary on June 16, 1483, he joined his brother in the Tower of London and was seen playing in Tower gardens until the autumn of 1483. His fate after that is unknown. By September, 1485, there was no trace of him, but young men claiming to be various Yorkist princes kept popping up during the reign of Henry VII until the last of them, Perkin Warbeck, was executed in 1499.

Richard III

Richard Plantagenet was born October 2, 1452 at Fotherinhay Castle, England. He was created Duke of Gloucester on November 1, 1461, after his older brother, Edward, became king. Some of his other titles and offices were Constable of England, Governor of the North, Great Chamberlain and Lord High Admiral of England.

A man of culture, he enjoyed reading and music, but was also a superb solider. He saw to his brother's interest in the North of England and was well thought of by the people there. In 1472, he married Anne Neville and they had one son, Edward, Earl of Salisbury. He also had two illegitimate children, Katherine and John, who were born before his marriage.

Upon Edward IV's death in 1483, Richard became Lord Protector of England, and rode south to assume responsibility for young Edward V, whom he intercepted at Stony Stratford on April 30. After questions arose over the legitimacy of Edward IV's children, the throne was offered to Richard and he accepted. He was crowned King Richard III on July 6, 1483. He died at the Battle of Bosworth on August 22, 1485, fighting Henry Tudor, the Lancastrian claimant to the throne. His mutilated body was placed in an unmarked grave in Greyfriars Priory in Leicester.

In August, 2012, some human remains were discovered beneath a car park. On February 4 2013, these remains were officially identified as those of Richard III by means of DNA from a Canadian, Michael Ibsen, the 17th great-grand-nephew of Richard III through his sister, Anne.

Dr. Barnardo

Thomas John Barnardo was born in Dublin, Ireland on July 4th 1845. He originally planned to train as a doctor and serve as a missionary in China, but only got as far as London. Appalled by the conditions in which the poor lived, he devoted his life to the most vulnerable of all - the children. Known as the Father of Nobody's Children, his Homes gave refuge to every child who sought it, regardless of race, religion, or state of health, which was not true for all charitable societies of the time. Dr. Barnardo died on September 19th, 1905. On the day of his funeral, so many people crowded the streets to pay their respects, traffic in London came to a standstill.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper, also known as 'Leather Apron' and 'The Whitechapel Murderer', was the notorious serial killer who terrorized London from August to November, 1888. His victims were all women, whom he killed with a knife. After November, there were no more murders carried out in that particular way, but that was not because the killer had been caught. They just stopped, and even today, people still wonder who Jack the Ripper was, and what made him start, and stop, murdering women in the Whitechapel area.